Top 6 Dieting Mistakes We All Make

Guest post by Lori Wagoner

There is a new diet fad popping up every week.

If it’s not gluten-free meals it is the green tea fix.

Every day you hear a new list of do’s and don’ts and wonder how exactly you must

go about your diet.

A diet can be successful or not depending on how well you stick to it and how well

it is suited for your needs.

You have to choose a diet based on your lifestyle habits, eating habits and body


Top 6 Dieting Mistakes We All Make

If you just go by the popularity ratings and the latest celebrity endorsements you

might end up with a dieting plan that you do not enjoy and cannot follow.

Most of us have fallen hard for what we see on TV, hear from friends and read online.

There are several all too common dieting mistakes that have crept into our daily

routines and threaten to derail our strongest dieting intentions.

Top 6 Dieting Mistakes We All Make

Silly mistakes in our diets can make it difficult to meet our daily nutritional requirements,

stay healthy and lose weight.

Here are a few dieting practices you should not believe in and eating habits that you must

chuck right away.

1) Avoiding Food Categories Completely

Top 6 Dieting Mistakes We All Make
This is a mistake that most us have committed while attempting to shed a few pounds.

We skip categories of food like carbs, fats and sugars completely.

But this does far more harm than good because our body needs a little bit of everything.

Proteins, carbohydrates and fats are called macronutrients and are very much essential

for our body.

Each food group like grains, fruit, dairy or fats provide our body with an assortment of

various vital nutrients.

A varied and rich diet will include all food groups that work together to provide a healthy

and balanced nutritional environment in our body.

Cutting out and avoiding food groups completely will deprive your body of critical macro-

nutrients that will prevent your body from performing at its best.

Of course, if you are allergic to any food group, then it’s a different story.

You might have to give up dairy completely or go gluten-free if you suffer from dairy or

gluten intolerance.

But keep in mind that you need to substitute these food groups with others that will provide

the required nutrition.

Dark green leafy veggies are recommended for those who shun dairy and if you want a gluten

free diet, there are some really amazing resources online.

2) Following a Diet That Sets Unrealistic Goals

Top 6 Dieting Mistakes We All Make
A diet that only focuses on weight without a holistic approach to well-being is not an

ideal one to follow.

A diet that makes you feel bad about your weight and body is also not the right one

to follow.

It is important that a diet plan explains what its benefits and advantages are, and how

it will help you individually.

If you feel that the goals are far-fetched and makes you feel bad about how you currently

are, it is better you ditch the plan.

A fit and toned body is desirable, but good health is far more precious.

Choose a program that will lead to a more active life and a healthy weight, will encourage

good eating habits and build self-appreciation.

It is easier to adopt diet practices when it is motivated by self-love and the desire to give

the absolute best to yourself.

3) Adopting Highly Restrictive Eating Habits

Top 6 Dieting Mistakes We All Make
Most diet plans try to give practical and easy-to-follow eating rules.

You can try recipes from recommended cookbooks and make delicious and quick meals at home.

Popular dieting plans strive to make eating as hassle-free and likeable as possible.

But if you are currently hooked to a diet plan that puts severe restrictions on what

you eat and how much you eat, then sooner or later you will get tired of struggling

to follow the diet routine every day.

Your diet plan should allow you flexibility and convenience, and should empower you

to eat healthy whether you are out for a date night, at a family dinner or on a vacation.

Your diet plan should not be one that goes off track the moment you step out of your house.

A smart diet will ensure you have a happy and stress-free social life as well.

4) Sticking to Short-Term Changes

Top 6 Dieting Mistakes We All Make
A full-fledged and health-focused diet plan will help you bring about long-lasting and

healthy lifestyle changes.

It should not prompt you to binge on junk food and sugary treats once you are off the plan.

A quality diet plan will help you ease into a healthy lifestyle and make lasting improvements in

how you eat and care for your health.

For this, your plan must be supplemented with education, counseling and professional guidance.

Increased awareness will help you take care of and listen to your body better.

You will know to read the signals sent out by your body and respond to them rightly.

5) Supporting Dieting Habits That Make You Lethargic

Top 6 Dieting Mistakes We All Make
A healthy diet will help energize you and make full use of your time in the gym.

Regular workout helps you shed weight safely without losing muscle and water content

in the body.

You will also be able to sustain this weight loss by continuing with healthy lifestyle and

eating habits.

A poor diet plan will deprive you of necessary nutrition and energizing foods.

What results is a weak and lethargic you, also incapable of exercising and physical activity.

Poor diet also messes up with your mind making you moody and downbeat, which you

definitely do not want to be.

So when choosing a diet plan ensure that you speak to your dietician and understand how

it will help you long-term.

You can also speak to people who have followed or follow the diet and understand how they

appreciate it long term.

6) Depending on Supplements for Nutrition

Top 6 Dieting Mistakes We All Make
There are diet plans that support use of supplements to make up for lack of nutrition.

Do not follow the advice because vitamins, minerals, carbs, proteins and fats are best

when consumed in natural form through your diet.

Consult a doctor before making health supplements a part of your diet plan.

If a diet plan insists on them as a method to help skip meals for weight loss, then that

plan is not the right one for you.


Top 6 Dieting Mistakes We All Make
All food groups are healthy provided you eat them right and in moderation.

Diet plans that improve your fitness and body image are welcome, provided you do not

stress out over your success in following the plan.

Love yourself for the way you are, eat healthy and stay happy – for these are the secret

ingredients to a more beautiful you.


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