Diet shakes are products rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins that act as fuel for your body. As a rule, you can mix them with milk, juice and water to make them consumable. Some also add various substitutes, nut butter, fruit, yogurt, etc. making the diet shakes more like a smoothie.

Each diet shake contains a sufficient amount of vitamins and calories to provide sufficient nutrition–since the shakes are used to replace an entire meal. Therefore, these products are especially popular and convenient when on a diet, allowing you to replace lunch or breakfast.

Top Diet Shakes of 2017

The major reason for using diet shakes is weight loss. You can control the portion you consume, therefore, you control the amount of calories. If you have bad results losing weight, it means that your portion control is wrong.

Actually, many people consider the diet shakes as the only answer to their weight issues. If you consume a shake every day or replace two meals a day, you will feel a difference. However, proper training and diets are required in order to gain significant results.

Top Diet Shakes of 2017

Top Diet Shakes               

The development of the diet shakes industry was significant in 2016 and 2017. A huge number of various products were introduced, thus, making the choice even more complex. The following products proved their consistency and ranked in the top of all diet shakes in 2017.


Top Diet Shakes of 2017

Shakeology is the leader of the nutrition diet shake market. The price of this shake is not cheap–because of the longest list of ingredients–every one of which provides an incredible amount of nutrition.

One portion of Shakeology diet shake costs around $4.44 and contains 16g of protein and 160 calories. Another positive feature is a relatively low sugar content – 6g only.

Ideal Shake

Top Diet Shakes of 2017

The already mentioned can boast the distinction of being the second best diet shake in the market. In comparison with Shakeology, Ideal Shakes have very affordable prices and that makes them rather popular. A serving of Ideal Shake provides 100-110 calories and 11-12g of protein. A wide range of flavors including Vanilla, Chocolate, Mocha, Strawberry, Orange Cream, and so on, will not leave cold even the most sophisticated gourmets.


Top Diet Shakes of 2017

Isalean is a good option for people, looking for a diet shake, packed as Shakeology, but for a lower price. Isalean stands out among other shakes due to the large amount of protein. In addition, a serving of this shake provides 240 calories, which is almost twice more than the typical diet shake. Therefore, Isalean shake does not require any supplements. In addition, this product rids toxins from the bodies of its consumers.


Top Diet Shakes of 2017

AdvoCare shake has the last place in our list, but it is highly appreciated among diet shake fans. The price is quite moderate ($3.21 per serving) and the energy value is 220 calories accompanied with 24g of protein. The only flaw is 12g of sugar content, which is not an improvement for its weight loss properties.

Top Diet Shakes of 2017

Of course, you may find some other products which will suit your requirements. So, best of luck!


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