Timing in professionalism is essential, and it decides and sets our approach for success. If we can act at the right time to make a career move, we can optimize our chances. The need to adhere to the ticking clock multiplies during chaos or crisis-like situations. In this regard, the best time to make your career move is now.

It is only because the job market is gradually regaining its ground after the coronavirus pandemic. Yes, it isn’t over yet. But as organizations resume their operations and businesses reopen, job seekers have an excellent chance to secure fresh opportunities. Various organizations are on the lookout for those who can fill the vacuum emerging now. The only question that arises here is which career you should choose?



While we have renewed employment chances when the businesses reopen, we may also tend to rush to a specific decision. In these circumstances, it is easy to land in the wrong place or overlook some crucial aspects. However, there’s nothing to worry about, as we will provide you with all the right assistance. If you are standing on a career crossroads, you may read on, as this will give you a comprehensive guide. So, let’s find out which are the most in-demand careers nowadays.

Benefits of Care Team Workflows 

  • Health Sector

The health sector has always been on the rise as far as public health is concerned. We can see this as pretty evident during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Almost every individual on the planet is looking up to qualified practitioners to get the treatment. The health sector is amongst the few that continue growth all year long, despite the recession. 

In this specific context, we see that the field is rewarding too. Take, for instance, the job of nurses; they make more than $85,000 per annum. A is necessary to secure the right role in terms of qualification. Other positions, such as physician assistants and anesthetists and the biomedical, would also continue to dominate the field.


  • Consultancy

During the ongoing crisis, companies have been looking for ways to continue running their operations. They have been trying to survive and regain their ground once the chaos is over. In such efforts, they have been looking towards ways to save costs and maintain a certain level of growth. In this regard, organizations have been outsourcing their work. When this happens, then the field that gains high importance is consultancy. They do so because they do not have to provide fringe benefits. That is a good reason that consultants will witness job growth by 24 percent during the upcoming years.

Top Ten Career Choices in Demand

  • Engineering

It could be challenging to believe in the first glance, but many organizations find it difficult to hire quality engineers. While there can be many reasons, the primary one is that universities seem to lack math and science majors. Whether it is the civil, structural, or environmental engineering area, the profession has a higher demand than before. During the next decade, the sector may grow up to 31 percent, offering top growth prospects.


  • Tech Sector

Information technology is yet another high demand profession as the field provides its assistance in all required areas. If we look at the core role itself, we see tech experts in very high demand. System engineers, for instance, can secure essential positions in the days to come. Over the next ten years, the field would grow by 45 percent, offering an average annual salary of $87,000.

Top Ten Career Choices in Demand

  • Education

Similar to businesses, educational institutes will also see robust operations once the lockdown is over. When this happens, there would also be a high demand for teachers, lecturers, and professors. A college professor can expect to earn more than $70,000 annually, at a 10-year growth trajectory of 23 percent.


  • Technical

Technical jobs, such as those relating to the assistants’ role, would also see a significant boom and are in high demand. The good part about them is you don’t necessarily require a college degree, but a certificate instead. A physical therapist can earn more than $42,000 in a year, while the field is at a growth rate of 42 percent. A similar role is that of the dental hygienists who earn nearly $70,000 annually.

Top Ten Career Choices in Demand

  • Finances

If you are excellent at figures and are keenly interested in statistics and accounting, you can witness a surge in your career. The financial services sector is on the rise with all potential incentives. Take, for instance, a Certified Public Accountant who earns close to $75,000 a year. And, the growth rate is 18 percent over ten years.


  • Services

When many other fields are likely to witness significant growth, jobs in the services sector are no exception. Two key roles, environmental safety experts and estimators, would gain a lot of significance. While those in the above field may earn over $70,000, those serving the latter would be making $68,000 annually.

Top Ten Career Choices in Demand

  • Sales

The sales field is another key one, continuing to dominate almost every industry and is, therefore, in high demand. Without sales, no business can reach its set milestones or achieve consistency with the benchmarks. While it is a very competitive role, it is also satisfyingly rewarding. Sales directors and senior executives make around $142,000 and $127,000 per annum.



Last Few Words

Choosing a particular career is an important decision because it sets the tone for professional progress for several years. While we consider all crucial aspects, we also need to be savvy of the right time to make the decision. As businesses resume after the outbreak, we should prepare ourselves to begin a successful career in one of the above high-demand roles.


What type of career are you persuing?

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