Hair loss is something that is happening to all of us, every single day. We’re all losing around 50-100 individual hairs on a daily basis, but when that number starts rising, you know you’ve got a problem.

Around half of men will have to deal with pattern hair loss by the age of 50, and a greater percentage loses their hair as they grow even older. There’s still a lot we don’t know about hair loss, but we do know enough to bust some of the major myths and rumors about it.

There are a whole lot of common misassumptions about baldness and hair loss in general. While some of these myths can seem funny and harmless at first, they can actually make the issue worse as people find it hard to sift through the myths and find real information that can help them.



Shampoos Cause Hair Loss

Many people believe that shampoo can trigger hair loss, but there’s no scientific evidence behind this myth at all. This myth might have been caused by the fact that many people lose hairs while showering, or maybe due to worries about the chemicals contained in a lot of shampoos.

However, good quality shampoos are great for your hair. They clean away dirt, grime, and bacteria, strengthen your hair follicles, and actually promote healthy hair growth. If you are worried about the chemicals, you can always opt for a more natural shampoo filled with essential oils and totally safe ingredients.

Unspoken Myths on Hair Loss You Haven't Heard About 

All Males Go Bald At 50

While it’s true that men are more likely to go bald and a large percentage of older men do have to deal with receding hairlines, thinning hair, bald patches, and even total baldness, it doesn’t affect every single man. In fact, statistics show that just half of men show significant signs of hair loss by the age of 50.

Some men start to go bald much later in life, while others are affected much earlier on, before the age of 35. The truth is that it’s different for everyone and can depend on all kinds of factors, like genetics, age, environment, health, and lifestyle. The key is to act quickly as soon as you see the signs of hair loss to treat it effectively.


Baldness Can’t Be Stopped

Many people hear this myth and then, when they start to lose their hair, they simply feel forced to accept it and deal with it. They don’t know that there are actually many new treatments and options available that can help to effectively combat hair loss.

For starters, your doctor might be able to help you discover that some medication or supplement you’re taking could be causing your hair loss. You might also find that therapy can help as hair loss is sometimes linked to anxiety and depression. There are also state of the art laser treatment products such as Illumiflow which focuses on to combat hair loss.

Unspoken Myths on Hair Loss You Haven't Heard About 

Hats Can Cause Baldness

This big hair loss myth has been going around for many years, and a lot of people wrongly assume that wearing hats all the time can cause hair loss. Some people explain this idea by saying that hats block off proper circulation in the scalp and prevent the hair from ‘breathing’, but this is simply inaccurate.

As long as your hats are washed regularly and the right size for your head, they have no negative consequences whatsoever. So feel free to carry on wearing the hats you love and sharing your sense of style with the world.


Hair Loss Is Linked To Testosterone

Nope, this one isn’t true either. Hair loss has been connected to DHT, dihydrotestosterone, but this is just a by-product of regular testosterone. Hair can be sensitive to DHT, causing it to weaken and fall out.

However, some people are totally fine with high DHT and still have full heads of hair. Studies have consistently shown that there are bald guys and hairy guys with both high and low testosterone levels. It really doesn’t make any difference.

Unspoken Myths on Hair Loss You Haven't Heard About 

Hair Products Can Trigger Hair Loss

Just like with shampoo, many people argue that guys should avoid using too much wax, gel, or other products as they could allegedly weaken the hair and make it fall out. Once again, this is untrue.

There are no proven links that connect hair loss with the use of gel and other products. It simply doesn’t make any difference whatsoever, and you should feel free to enjoy your hair and style it however you like.


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