Vegan in a Carnivore World Grab a $3 Falafel at Pita Grill

Eating vegan in a carnivore world doesn’t have to be hard with this $3 vegan falafel sandwich at Pita Grill.

As I strolled up 7th Avenue the other day, those all too familiar lunchtime hunger pangs went off — alerting me to my sudden “need to feed”.
Looking around for a low-cost, vegan-acceptable snack, a bright green “$3.00 falafel” sign caught my eye and drew me into Pita Grill.
Vegan in a Carnivore World Grab a $3 Falafel at Pita Grill

Pita Grill is a great casual dining option both vegans and non-vegans.

You are What You Eat

As I rushed toward the counter to verify that this yummy-looking meal deal was indeed, for real, the “flower child-like” wall art read “You are what you eat” — letting me know that I was probably in relatively good hands for a non-vegan eatery — and giving off a slight “hippie” vibe. Which for me is a good thing!

Vegan in a Carnivore World Grab a $3 Falafel at Pita Grill

“You are what you eat” on the wall says it all!

The $3.00 Meal was the Real Deal

Happily, the deal was real and the made to order falafel did not disappoint. The whole wheat pita bread stuffed with crumbly, green chickpea falafels in a nest of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers topped with tahini sauce was a quick, mouth-watering delight that hit the spot. Plus, I added fresh tabouli salad to the sandwich for an extra buck. Myquick  bargain snack tasted as good as it looked in the photo.  And I could eat it with one hand while I checked my messages with the other hand.
One green tip: Lose the foil used to wrap the sandwich.

Vegan in a Carnivore World Grab a $3 Falafel at Pita Grill.

This delicious, nutritiious $3 snack fits right in my hand.

Pita Grill: Positively Healthy

Inspired by the birth of the health food craze in California and the proliferation of healthier options across various cuisines, Pita Grill founder, Bennet Orfaly, a culinary school graduate and food industry veteran, had a vision to take these healthy options to a more creative and “hipper” place, so he opened the first Pita Grill in 1994 making “Positively Healthy” their slogan. Now there are 6 locations in the tri-state area with plans for expansion.
Pita Grill is a great casual dining option for vegans with non-vegan friends. In addition to falafel, they serve delicious vegan and vegetarian sandwiches, paninis, hummus, burgers, salads, rice bowls, vegetables, soups and smoothies, as well as meat and poultry options. They also serve healthy breakfast options Monday through Friday.

The Essentials

Pita Grill
291 7th Avenue
Between 26th and 27th Street
New York City, New York
Tel. 212-243-3132
Open 7 days a week
Mon. – Fri. – 7am – 11pm
Sat. & Sun. – 11am – 11pm – Check the site for other locations