Las Vegas isn’t typically associated with natural, healthy lifestyles. The city’s reputation is built on neon lights, rich foods, and hedonistic entertainment. But if you’re headed to Vegas for a work conference or family gathering, don’t worry.

Vegas For Green Travelers

You’re not the first eco-conscious traveler trying to navigate the Sin City scenery. Luckily, there’s more to Vegas than its glitzy reputation. It’s a city that’s used to welcoming guests from all over the world with a wide variety of needs, so you’ll find space there for health-conscious and sustainable travel.


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Sustainable Lodging

Vegas For Green Travelers
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If you have only a surface knowledge of Vegas life, you might be surprised to learn that  “the Las Vegas strip is actually becoming one of the most model communities in America for sustainable environmental practices.” Since Las Vegas deals with tourism and travel on a monumental scale in a delicate desert environment, some of the big players in the region are at the cutting edge of developing sustainable practices.

Caesars Entertainment, Las Vegas Sands Corp, and MGM Resorts International have all created extensive plans for eco-friendly development and are setting standards for other resorts to follow. The Mandarin Oriental is one of the most luxurious restaurants in the city center and also widely recognized as the most progressive. The building was created from recycled materials and features toxin-free furnishings, low-flow fixtures, and a sustainable sushi bar. The Palazzo and Aria resorts are also known for being eco-friendly.


Healthy Food

Vegas For Green Travelers

If you’re thinking it will be difficult to find vegetarian or vegan options in a city built around indulgence, think again. Mindful eating is currently trendy enough that  are creating dishes to accommodate health-conscious diners. If you’re staying at Aria, check out the vegetarian paella and Spanish torta in Julian Serrano’s restaurant.

All the restaurants inside the Wynn Las Vegas offer mouthwatering options like truffle creamed spinach, tofu carpaccio, and porcini ravioli with sage. The Cleo restaurant inside SLS Vegas offers robust Mediterranean fare, and celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis offers vegetarian options for every pasta dish on the menu, along with antipasti and other delicious choices at Giada inside the new Cromwell.


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Entertainment Options

Vegas For Green Travelers

What about healthy entertainment? , and most people are able to enjoy a few evenings in the casino without harm. However, if you don’t feel like gambling would be a healthy choice for you, there are a plethora of other options. Magic shows, musical extravaganzas, dance performances, circus acts, and comedians fill the theaters of Las Vegas every night. If you need a break,  are just 20 minutes from the Strip.

Vegas For Green Travelers

Most people aren’t quick to associate green living and vegan eating with the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip. But with luxurious eco-friendly hotels, decadent vegan dining choices, and a desert to explore, Vegas is a great place for a vacation of healthy indulgence.


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Vegas For Green Travelers