Want to Green Your Home Decor? 11 Eco-Friendly Design Ideas to Explore

Guest post by Aby Nicole League

Eco-friendly home decor soothes not only the sight, but also the soul, as these choices reinforce

a healthy mindset towards the earth.

In addition, eco-friendly has found its place among the pragmatic because of

its efficiency.

For instance, a 2013 survey by a lighting company discovered that 65 percent of Americans

consider ditching the traditional incandescent bulbs for the energy-saving compact fluorescent

(CFL) and light-emitting diode (LED) lights.

Go beyond switching to CFLs and LEDs and enjoy a healthy mind, body, and soul as well as a

reduction in your electricity bills by making eco-friendly product and design decisions as you

furnish and decorate your home.

Not sure where to start?

Green your decor with these eco-friendly design ideas and enjoy a rejuvenating way of life right

in the comfort of your home.

Bring On The Greens

Indoor plants not only provide invigorating scenery, but also promote healthy living spaces

by filtering air.

Regardless of your pad’s setup, you can still nurture nature’s lovely decor with clever ways

to have an indoor garden.

Plant them in repurposed containers, on your walls, in an aquarium with a fish or two–

the list goes on.

Paint The Town Green

Want to Green Your Home Decor? 11 Eco-Friendly Design Ideas to Explore

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Hancox via Pinterest

Or paint your walls and ceiling for a refreshing splash of color.

Steer clear of paints that contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful

substances that cause a host of health and environmental problems.

Opt for nontoxic paints in colors that will bring about the mood that you would like to

create in your interior.

Make Your Walls Come Alive

Want to Green Your Home Decor? 11 Eco-Friendly Design Ideas to Explore

Photo Courtesy of Miss Partab via Pinterest

If you prefer not to  paint or would just like to try something out, it is a good thing there

are temporary wallpapers made of eco-friendly materials.

The exciting part about it is that these come in a wide array of colors and textures so you

can add more oomph to your plain walls.

Have A Heart For Art

You can also bring nature into your home by displaying photos and paintings of green fields,

tranquil seas, and vibrant wildlife–anything to evoke Mother Earth’s presence.

So as not to defeat the purpose, use eco-friendly materials, preferably recycled ones that

you can personalize to your liking.

Recycle And Style With DIY

There are countless ways to unleash your creativity with the things you already have.

Got mason jars around?

Get crafty and turn them into flower vases or candleholders.

Have tons of scrap paper?

If you have the time, why not make a paper sculpture?

Want to revamp your furniture?

Refurbish them or change their covers with your favorite fabric.

Shop Sustainably

If you must buy furniture, try scouring online listings for pre-loved pieces.

Should you want something brand new, go for furniture made from eco-friendly

material and wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Also, avoid buying more than you need.

Instead, invest in select pieces that will stand the test of time.

Rethink Your Fabric

Switch to bedding and towels made from certified organic cotton, which is grown

and processed without pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

Aside from enjoying softer cotton, you will help to save the environment–and your body–

from harmful toxins.

For an affordable alternative, Nancy Sleeth, co-director of Blessed Earth, suggests

“transitional cotton,” which is organically grown and has yet to be certified as organic.

Let There Be Light

Open your windows and do away with curtains on sunny days for natural lighting.

Not only will sunlight give you much-needed vitamin D, it will also benefit your sunlight-

loving plants, if you have any.

If you cannot forgo curtains, pick the light ones.

Apply Green Taste To Appliances

Apart from your furniture and decor, appliances are fixtures in your home that contribute

to your interior.

Select sleek-looking appliances that go big on energy-saving by choosing those that meet

Energy Star standards.

Be Floored

Want to Green Your Home Decor? 11 Eco-Friendly Design Ideas to Explore

Photo Courtesy of Katy Sears via Pinterest

The best eco-friendly floorings are those without carpets and rugs, which are treated with

and accumulate toxic substances.

Not to mention, they do add up as people all over the world replace old and worn-out ones.

If you can, go for flooring made of bamboo or hardwood-certified as sustainably grown and cut.

On the other hand, if you must have carpets and rugs, you will do better with those that are

free of harmful chemicals and made from recycled materials.

Beauty Is In The Details

Want to Green Your Home Decor? 11 Eco-Friendly Design Ideas to Explore

Photo Courtesy of Towne & Reese via Pinterest

As much as possible, be mindful of whatever it is that you use in your home and look for

green alternatives.

Switch to organic paper or cloth napkins.

Buy or make your own recycled coasters.

Clean decor as well as other things in your home not with chemicals, but with natural

cleaners like lemon, baking soda, vinegar, and so on.

Being Eco-friendly Starts at Home

While going green already has its set of benefits like better health, environment, and finances,

it certainly does not hurt to have a stylish interior design to boot.

Long gone are the days when eco-friendly means bracing for a steep price and a 360-degree

change in your current lifestyle.

You just need to be open to incorporating green practices in your life and soon enough, you

will be rewarded with a whole new definition of home sweet home.


What are you doing to make your home more eco-friendly?

Share your favorite green home decorating thoughts, tips and ideas.


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