There are many cost-saving and flexibility increasing reasons for a business to embrace the cloud computing revolution. Alongside the compelling financial benefits to an organization, there are also benefits for the planet, specifically in reducing the carbon footprint typically associated with business resources. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the ways that adopting the cloud is such a climate-friendly solution for your business.



Sharing Is Caring

If you rely on in-house servers to power your web presence, then you are currently unlikely to be using that hardware to its full capacity (unless you’re Google or Facebook, of course), which means you are not very efficient with the energy used to run your systems. If you migrate that task to a cloud-based solution, then you are likely to be sharing that energy usage with other companies in a far more sensible and eco-friendly manner; no wasted energy, shared resources and less hardware required.

This is a scalable solution, and the bigger your data center, the larger the effects when you switch from an in-house data center to a cloud-based solution. This is not only true of the amount of power used (and the associated potential energy waste) but also in terms of the cooling system needed to retain a data-friendly climate. Dedicated cloud-based data centers will generally be employing a far more energy conscious cooling system layout than you can deploy locally, further reducing your carbon footprint.

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Why Adopting the Cloud is a Great Eco-Friendly Solution for Your Business 

Save The Planet and Your Wallet

Adopting the cloud doesn’t just benefit the planet; the saving extends to your own wallet, too.  Without an onsite data center to maintain, your business is saving a lot of money in physical space, lighting, electricity and perhaps even manpower, allowing your team to focus on more productive tasks. The great news here is that helping to save the planet helps to improve profitability and save you money at the same time.

Why Adopting the Cloud is a Great Eco-Friendly Solution for Your Business 

The Future Is Bright (And Renewable)

If you are thinking of making the move towards cloud-based solutions to save money, whilst doing your bit to help fight climate change, then you are in some considerably influential company within the tech world. Data giants such as Facebook, Google and Apple rely on huge amounts of data every second of every day to run their operations, and the amount of space, power and cooling systems needed to run them efficiently is significant. Hence why they are all trying to get greener by incorporating renewable energy into their strategies.

Microsoft uses solar and wind energy to power several of its data centers, while Facebook uses wind power, and all of Apple’s data centers utilize solar energy. There is no doubt that the future of data storage and digital business productivity must be cloud-based, not just because of how much money it saves businesses but because it is actively contributing to cleaner energy and a safer climate.


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