If you are a writer, you will agree that self-improvement isn’t a happenstance. You must make it happen, and in this case, through practice. Whether you choose to read a bestseller every month or practice writing  converting blog posts, there are writing rituals that will move you from a novice to an expert. For some, 15 minutes every day is all they need to get over challenges that bedevil their craft.

According to experts, the same way you must hit the gym to get in shape physically or up your mental wellness through yoga, writers shouldn’t sit and wait for their breakthrough. But here is the catch. What type of writing exercises do you need to partake in to start experiencing much-needed improvement?



“Writing is an art.

You have to keep fine-tuning

your skills.”



Well, if you are looking forward to winning gigs on at the end of this post, note that writing exercises vary. Here are a few examples:

  • Font exercise work magic especially if you are a fiction writer. The catch here is that by choosing a font such as sans serif or Verdana, it should evoke certain emotions that trigger your creative juices. A desire to pen down a short story, therefore, is an integral part of the process.
  • For some writers, a practice that involves describing someone’s looks is what it takes to become an author who has an eye for details.  Moreover, you become good at choosing strong nouns and verbs.
  • Another type of writing exercise which is quite challenging is penning down a short story that is devoid of letter ‘e’. Is it possible? Well, you can give it a try and see how it turns out.
  • Another way to practice is conscious writing which involves spilling everything that comes to mind on paper. Come to think about it. Are you able to craft a story from the beginning to the end without stopping to think or edit anything? While it is not always possible to craft and submit a copy without proofing, conscious writing from streams of thoughts could be what is preventing you from becoming a prolific writer.
  • Another way to ace your literary skills through practice is having a blog which you commit to updating 15 minutes every day. It is a great way of pushing yourself to the limits of success.

Why is It So Important to Practice Writing at Least 15 Minutes a Day?

Reasons why daily 15 minutes of writing practice is important

Now that you have a few writing practice ideas in mind, lest we forget the gist of this post; why are they important? Well, experts have weighed into a need to practice writing daily and here are some findings:

– It becomes a productive habit

Most habits get associated with wrongdoing or things that endanger one’s well-being. Take for example; smoking which if uncontrolled is harmful to health. However, there are good habits. Writers who do not practise can hardly make progress. You can’t expect to do something differently without exploring new approaches, which is only possible through practice.

As is the case with going to the gym whereby you start slowly and build on progress, writing practises, if consistent evolves into productive habits. While fifteen minutes every day may seem like a short duration, obeying the calling to craft something, or read a new short story will eventually make you a top writer who has a mastery of the art, not to mention immense knowledge and skills.

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– Writing practice helps you appreciate failure

Starting a writing career often comes with big challenges. Apart from having to adapt to a style of composition that not only suits a niche but also meets expectations of readers, you will be making mistakes here and there. Thus, you need to embrace consistency in practice to make amends. If you don’t gain momentum in your craft after a few weeks, then you will have known how to .

Why is It So Important to Practice Writing at Least 15 Minutes a Day?

The Bottom Line: Perfect your art

Writing is an art. You have to keep fine-tuning your skills by getting rid of common mistakes such as misspellings and poor grammar. It is something you can only achieve through daily 15 minutes of practice. Most importantly, having writing tools such as plagiarism and grammar checkers at your disposal will make a big difference.


What are your favorite tips for practicing writing?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.


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