If you’re living in an old home, it’s a big possibility that it has a high presence of asbestos. This is a natural mineral that’s resistant to corrosion, heat, and electricity. While many years back, asbestos was prevalent in the construction industry, today, it’s prohibited. Asbestos is a highly toxic component. It’s also found to be one of the common causes of severe health problems such as cancer.



An asbestos test usually detects the presence of asbestos in your home. When the test reveals the presence of this chemical, you must take action immediately to remove it. Here’s why:

1. It’s An Illegal Substance

Depending on where you’re from, asbestos may already be considered an illegal substance. Check with your country, state, or city rules on asbestos. If asbestos is illegal in your area, then you have to remove it immediately. Authorities charge penalties when your house is found to have high levels of asbestos. Moreover, some countries require you to have an asbestos clearance.


2. It’s Dangerous To Your Health

When you’re inside your home, you’ll want to be sure that the health of your family is safe. As much as you try to keep your home healthy, clean, and safe from toxic waste, you should also strive to keep it free from hazardous chemicals. Asbestos is one of these harmful substances.

Here are some of the dangers of asbestos:

  • If high levels of asbestos exist and circulate in your home, your family members inhale this daily. This can lead to severe health problems such as mesothelioma, a form of lung cancer.
  • It can cause respiratory problems, ranging from a simple cough, allergies, and pneumonia.
  • If you breathe asbestos fibers, this can get trapped in your lungs and cause serious health issues.

Why It's Important To Remove Asbestos From Your Home 

3. Removing Asbestos Maintains Your Home’s Value

The presence of asbestos in your home can decrease your property value. If you plan to eventually sell your home, you should make sure it’s free of any harmful substances. Homebuyers are getting more particular with how they go about choosing their homes, and this includes inspections for asbestos. If you don’t pass the asbestos test, you could lose a potential buyer.


4. Asbestos Is Not Easily Visible, But It May Be Everywhere

When your house is made of cement from many years back, then chances are, there’s asbestos in your home. It may not be visible, but it’s there. It’s a toxin that’s slowly wreaking havoc on your health. It can even be found in the following areas for newer homes:

  • Vinyl flooring tiles
  • Kitchen walls
  • Paint and plaster
  • Light fixtures

With the smallest cracks or gaps in your walls or floors, you can easily be exposed to high quantities of asbestos. Remember, cleaning your home goes beyond just the physical act of cleaning itself.

Why It's Important To Remove Asbestos From Your Home 

5. You Should Replace Old Materials

If your house is made out of old materials, then an asbestos removal should be part of your process. In essence, removing asbestos is just like undergoing a renovation. Think of asbestos removal as one significant change for a lifetime benefit of no longer being exposed to harmful chemicals; it’s worth the effort and cost.

Replacing old materials offers more benefits for you and your family beyond just the removal of toxic substances. Asbestos removal also means that you’re preventing possible dangers of old materials, such as leaks, gaps, and holes.


6. Asbestos Poses Environmental Dangers

If there’s any change that you want to do for the environment, it starts right inside your house. Going green should be a lifestyle that you start building and nurturing at home.

Asbestos not only causes damage to your health but also to the environment. It also means danger to the homes around yours, as it also means that your neighbors are breathing in the toxins released by asbestos in the air. Generally, if your house is at least ten years or older, you should have an asbestos test. If you turn out to have asbestos at home, have it cleaned up.




Asbestos is a toxic chemical that should have no place in homes, buildings, and other construction sites. However, this substance is still prevalent today, especially in older houses and buildings. Before asbestos was found to be toxic, it was one of the most highly used chemicals in the construction industry.

Now that you’ve read about the dangers of asbestos, you’ve only made yourself more aware of the reasons why you should remove asbestos from your home. Ensure the health and safety of your family by eliminating this harmful material.


Has asbestos been detected in your home?

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Why It's Important To Remove Asbestos From Your Home -  Asbestos is a highly toxic component, found to be one of the common causes of severe health problems such as cancer.  When an asbestos test reveals the presence of this chemical, you must take action immediately to remove it. Here are the key reasons why.  #RemoveAsbestos  #Home  #AsbestosRemoval    #AsbestosAbatement  #Toxins  #Healthhazards